PhD Students


Kristian Reveles Jensen
PhD student, MD
Dept. Neurology and Neurobiology Research Unit,
Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet,
Building 8057,
Blegdamsvej 9, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
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3545 6741

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

Scientific interests

I am a MD and psychiatry resident focusing on the pharmacogenetics and neuronal correlates of affective disorders to develop better diagnostics and prognostics as part of the BrainDrugs - Depression study. In my PhD study, I examine synaptic density using the PET UCB-J tracer, brain volume and connectivity using MRI, and cognition and reward learning using behavioural testing and fMRI.

I am interested in how these are involved in psychopathology, and how they can be modulated by psychotherapy, pharmacology and brain stimulation. And how they relate to changes in activity, connectivity and plasticity in the healthy human brain, such as serotonergic and dopaminergic transmission.

I also have an interest in gender differences, gender identity, sexuality,  affective menstrual disorders and the psychological effects of modulating consciousness.

I have previously worked in the Neural Correlates of Gene Function group under the supervision of Prof. Elizabeth Tunbridge and Mark Walton (University of Oxford) on the common mutation in the dopamine system (the COMT Val158Met polymorphism) and its effect on reward learning and cognition.

I also for several years had ongoing research in the groups of Prof. Rune Berg (University of Copenhagen) with the CLARITY method, for large volume tissue clearing, staining and imaging of rodent brains for to develop more neuroscience tools. And Prof. Mette Rosenkilde on viral entry into the brain and other neurobiology related subjects.

I currently teach human neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen.


2021 -  

PhD student, Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen


Research Assistant at the Neurobiology Research Unit


Junior Doctor, specialised outpatient clinic for affective disorders, Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen

2019 - 2020

1st year of residency in Psychiatry, Unit for affective disorders, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

2012 - 2019

Research Assistant, Dept. of Biomedicine & Dept. of Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen. Working on large volume brain imaging i.e. CLARITY and confocal microscopy to examine neuroanatomy and -physiology for two groups using rodents, zebrafish and turtles. Also teaching neuroanatomy to medical students.

2018 -

External lecturer and examiner for two courses in human neuroanatomy, -physiology and -pathology for non-clinicians, University of Copenhagen              


Junior Doctor, Neurosurgery, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

2010 - 2017 

MD, University of Copenhagen

2015 - 2017

MSc in Psychiatry by research, University of Oxford


Semester of neuroscience at California Institute of Technology

2006 - 2009

BSc Biology – Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen



My full list of scientific publications can be accessed on Google Scholar.

KHR Jensen*, STP, MV, MB Jørgensen (2020) Shocking colours - ECT temporarily improves colour perception J. of Brain Stimulation
KHRJ*, CAEN, SHS, PCT, MB Jørgensen (2020) Cochlear Implant Should not be Contraindication for ECT and TMS J. of Brain Stimulation

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KHRJ (2019) Commentary: Premenstruel Dysphoria is a controversial, but not trivial, diagnosis, Danish Medical Journal (Ugeskriftet)

KHRJ*, K Sinclair (2018) Clinical Review: Premenstrual Dysphoria Disorder is often overlooked, Danish Medical Journal (Ugeskriftet)

KHRJ (2018) MSc Thesis: The effects of dopaminergic modulation on model-based reinforcement learning, Oxford University

KHRJ*, RW Berg (2017) Invited Review: Advances and Perspectives in Tissue Clearing Using CLARITY. J. of Chem. Neuroanatomy

KHRJ*, RW Berg (2016) CLARITY-compatible lipophilic dyes for electrode marking and neuronal tracing. Scientific Reports

P Petersen, MV, KHRJ, RW Berg (2014) Premotor spinal network with balanced excitation and inhibition during motor patterns has high resilience to structural division. J. of Neuroscience with cover art

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KHRJ, JC Rekling (2010) Development of a no-wash assay for mitochondrial membrane potential... J. of Biomol. Screening

*Corresponding author; Reviewed papers for Scientific Reports and Cell Journal.




2018 – Japanese Society of Neurology & Psychiatry Fellowship Award 2018, oral presentation on transgender identity in Denmark

2018 - Art in Science Competition, University of Copenhagen, best picture          

2016 - FENS Computational Psychiatry Meeting, Copenhagen, Best poster presentation

2016 - The Medical Society of Copenhagen Scholarship, €16.000 stipend

2015 - 10th Anniversary Jackson ImmunoResearch Micrograph Competition

2015 – Dept. of Neuroscience annual meeting, Uni. Of Copenhagen, Best Young Investigator Talk