Contact person: Dea S. Stenbæk

The NRU cognition unit (NRU-C) specializes in research on relationships between the brain's serotonergic system, stress-regulation and affective cognition. The scientific goal is to contribute to an interdisciplinary understanding of neurobiological and psychological factors in human health. NRU-C focuses on studying healthy individuals but the research also involves participants with psychological distress, psychopathological symptoms or disorders, such as work-related stress, depression or PTSD.

As a core facility, the NRU-C conducts a standardized, three-hour battery of neuropsychological tests with most participants in Cimbi-II research projects. The battery yields important characterizations of neuropsycholocial functionality such as intelligence, personality, word fluency, working memory, psychomotor speed, and reaction time measures. Furthermore, the NRU-C laboratory has developed and validated the first Danish test of affective memory and also employs computerized tests of inhibition, emotional recognition, visual attention and affective priming.

The NRU-C laboratory has psychophysiological test facilities where heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, electrodermal activity and the eye blink reflex can be sampled during resting state, and also a growing number of computerized test paradigms synchronized with the physiological samplings. NRU-C collaborates with the Centre for Visual Cognition at the University of Copenhagen.

Examples of recent publications:

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